【Sanyan】The Blockchain Global Summit 2018 will start on 14th July in Hong Kong

2018 is going to be the year that the blockchain technology enjoys booming growth. Various industries are actively exploring new strategies of “blockchain+” and technology innovation gives an impetus to the field of science&technology, yet the blockchain is still at the beginning of its development.

Currently, among more than 80,000 blockchain-based projects which have been widely distributed in the world, only 8% are in normal operation. According to statistics, the average life of blockchain projects is 1.22 year. Besides, there are many bottlenecks constraining the development of blockchain, such as imbalanced global development of blockchain, market chaos triggered by various coins made of air, security problems existed in virtual currency exchanges and different regulatory policies in various countries.

Therefore, it is necessary to seek a high level platform for further discussion on the development of Blockchain. At the right moment, the Blockchain Global Summit 2018 plans to invite the heads of blockchain organizations, celebrities, experts, technical geeks, and major investors all over the world to share, discuss and exchange various latest thoughts, technologies and development fruits in making efforts to accelerate the theoretical and technological innovation on Blockchain and drive the progress of relevant industry.

The Blockchain Global Summit will be held in the way of global tour, including 12 sub-summits in different countries. The first stop of this global tour, jointly hosted by Sanyan Blockchain and Bianews (Two competitive blockchain media in China), is scheduled on 14th July in Hong Kong.

See you in Hong Kong!